Where to Park

Bethel Church Parking
Because Bethel Bible Fellowship Church is located in the town of Emmaus, we have limited parking around our facility. For this reason, we ask all those who are able to walk a block or two to park on the streets surrounding the church, or to use the parking lot on Elm Street, across from Bachman, Kulik, and Reinsmith Funeral Home. The owners of the funeral home have generously allowed us to use their parking lot during Sunday Services.

Parking is also available in the lot at the corner of Elm and 5th Street, to the right of the church. While there are parking spots directly on both sides of the church, we ask that those with physical limitations be given first priority when it comes to using these parking spaces. For those with handicapped parking permits, there are several spots reserved near the front of the building and close to the office, on the right-hand-side of the building.

As always, Bethel Bible Fellowship Church strives to be a good community member. In light of this we encourage everyone to respect the surrounding neighborhood when attending church services and functions. Thank You