Who We Are

God is number One at Bethel Church! We are wholly committed to the Lord and His Word, the Bible. Honoring Him, deepening our relationship with Him, growing in our knowledge of Him and obeying Him are central to all that we do.

Worship, Bible studies, small groups, mentoring and discipleship are just some of the ways we seek know and follow Him. He is the King! And we want to please Him! We are also a family who loves and cares for one another. We worship together. We laugh and cry together. We desire to encourage, serve and help one another in tangible ways. At times we fail one another too, but we also seek to be gracious and forgiving, just as God has been infinitely gracious and forgiving to us.

Whether it’s ministries for teens, men or women, family activities, events for Seniors, sports and more you’ll find many different ways to connect with others. Ways that are not only fun and enriching, but also help to establish meaningful and encouraging relationships.