Connections is the Small Group Bible Study ministry of Bethel BFC.  Held once a month on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, according to the desires of the members of the group, this ministry offers the opportunity to delve deeper into selected portions of the Bible.  Participation is encouraged as Connections leaders ask questions meant to foster meaningful discussions.

Connections is a year-round ministry that allows the Bethel Church family time to get to know one another in a way that is not always possible on Sunday mornings.  Many groups use this time for prayer and fellowship over a light meal and dessert, in addition to the study of God’s Word.

There are approximately 20 Connections Groups that meet around the Lehigh Valley once a month.  The arrangements of the groups changes every 12 to 15 months to allow greater interaction among church people.  If you are not yet part of Connections, there is room for you!  

Please contact the Bethel Church office if you would like to become a part of a group.  There is sure to be a group near your home.