BYG Trips

Bethel Youth Group takes missions trips every summer with varying levels based on the ages and experience levels of the teens involved. Each trip features at least one of the three elements: service work, kids’ ministry, and international missions. The 8th – 12th grade students participating with the trips will work alongside church plants, missionaries, and other ministries.

BYG Trips come in three tiers: local, national, and international. Bethel partners with other churches to meet a need, whether that need be outreach, community, or service. Sometimes a trip can meet all three of those areas of need. Younger students are encouraged to begin with a weekend trip, helping out at a block party at a local church and possibly some work projects. Once students have completed this level, they are invited to apply for the mid-level trip to another state or city and partner with that church for a week. The international tier is offered for students who have experienced service work and missions before, whether through Bethel Youth Group trips or other avenues. International trips involve working alongside a missionary in another country to fulfill a need, whether that be running a camp or building a house.

The common thread between all trips is a group of teens involved in youth group and church, led by a few adults, coming alongside another church to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Trips usually take place during the summer months and require 4-6 months of meetings.

2018 trips are being planned. For details and more information, contact the office and ask for either Jared Burkholder or Tom Mertus.