Wednesday Night Ministries

Space Cubs

The Pre-School program ministers to Bethel and Community children ages 3-5

Pioneer Girls

This program for girls, who are in Kindergarten to 6th grade, focuses on using fun activities to explore the Bible, pray together, and how to be Christ-like in all aspects of life.

Christian Service Brigade

Christian Service Brigade ministers to boys in grades Kindergarten to 6th grade. This program focuses on developing and encouraging spiritual growth in the lives of boys.

Sunday Morning Ministries


Bethel Bible Fellowship Church provides a securely staffed nursery for babies, and programs for toddlers and kindergartners on the lower level during all services. Located on the bottom floor, near the elevator, toward the front of the church building, access to the nursery is strictly controlled for your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

Children’s Church

Children are always welcome to stay with their parents during the Sunday Morning Worship Services; however, we would like to encourage children in grades 1-3 to attend Children’s Church Services. These services are designed to engage young student’s hearts and minds with songs, lessons, and activity that helps them to participate in worship of God our Father and His Son Jesus in a way that is meaningful to them.